Whether you’re unaware or don’t care, counterfeit goods pose a serious threat

The Guardian - Dec 02, 08:00 GMT

’Tis the season to be ripped off

’Tis the season to be ripped off. We look at the problems with online shopping

It is a fraud many people would scoff at the idea of falling for – buying a fake handbag or perfume online through what appears to be a genuine website. For others less worried about the legal, moral or quality implications, it is a way to buy a designer item without the price tag.

The sale of fake goods online has blossomed, as have the problems that come with the illegal products – from perfumes made partially with urine to phone chargers that combust in the middle of the night and children’s toys with dangerous levels of lead. New figures show that British police have shut down 31,000 sites this year in an attempt to stop the spread of counterfeit goods as part of an international effort to make shopping on the internet safer.

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