We now know it’s folly to rage against Trump | Simon Jenkins

The Guardian - Nov 09, 06:00 GMT

The president will never be out-ranted

The president will never be out-ranted. These elections show that his supporters still want to be heard

In the spat between Donald Trump and a CNN reporter on Wednesday, I would bet most Americans sided with the president. Who was this rude man refusing to sit down before his head of state? No leader lost votes insulting the media.

The fact is, being rude to Trump hasn’t worked. Hurling abuse for two solid years was supposed to humiliate him and shame him, or at least turn his supporters against him. He was taunted as belligerent, racist, a liar, a sex maniac, a fraudster, a deranged narcissist or merely, in Rupert Murdoch’s reported words, “a fucking idiot”. But he is shameless, and still there.

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