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The Guardian - Feb 09, 08:00 GMT

Perfect for those awkward spotsFull-coverage foundations are huge right now, but I’m broadly averse

Perfect for those awkward spots

Full-coverage foundations are huge right now, but I’m broadly averse. Unless your complexion is as problematic as you believe (unlikely), serious cover-up comes best from heavy-duty concealer, since this can be applied judiciously only to the areas in extra need, allowing the rest of your skin to look healthy and real – dewy, living, not uniform in colour and finish. A full-coverage concealer over a lighter foundation, tinted moisturiser, or even nothing at all, gives a perfected but more flattering look.

YSL’s big 2019 launch, Touche Éclat High Cover Radiant Concealer, £26, is a more camouflaging take on their iconic clicky highlighter pen. What remains light and thin in consistency packs a greater punch in coverage, so if you love the speedy convenience of the original, you’ll probably love this, too. It’s not, in fact, a cover-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink job, but is no worse for it. It brightens dark circles and disguises spots precisely. Just make sure you wash the brush weekly.

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