Oura: track your sleep the Prince Harry way

The Guardian - Apr 08, 06:00 GMT

This high-tech ring will bombard you with data and Yoda-esque advice

This high-tech ring will bombard you with data and Yoda-esque advice. But will it appeal to anyone other than royals and Silicon Valley CEOs?

I don’t wear rings and I don’t like wearables, so this week’s device – a sleep-tracking wearable in the form of a ring – has its work cut out. And that is even before you consider the name. Oura sounds like the noise you would hear bellowed at a regatta, having no clue whether it constituted approval, or some form of upper-class put-down. The fact that Prince Harry has been spotted wearing one suggests I’m not wrong.

However, I am surprised by its chicness. The smouldering band I wear for a few weeks garners many compliments. It is described as “beautiful” by one woman – she was trying to get me to upgrade my phone at the time, but still. It is more fashion-forward than many other wearables, which generally pack hardware into a chunky bracelet or watch. To nitpick, it is slightly too wide and is uncomfortable when someone shakes my hand too firmly. (In fairness, people with too firm a handshake make me uncomfortable anyway.)

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