Motion impossible: Tom Cruise declares war on TV frame interpolation

The Guardian - Dec 05, 13:07 GMT

It’s over

It’s over. Now Tom Cruise has set his sights on ‘motion smoothing’ – the TV effect that makes films look like soap operas – it’s only a matter of time before you tweak the settings

This has been a landmark year for Tom Cruise. In Mission: Impossible – Fallout he made the action film of his career. He’s currently filming a sequel to one of his most beloved films, Top Gun. And it’s been rumoured that he has plans to make history by literally filming Mission: Impossible 7 in space.

How on earth could Tom Cruise manage to top all this? Simple. He’s made a video urging you to switch off motion smoothing on your TV. For this, he deserves everything. Welcome back, Tom. We’ve missed you.

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