Loveseat sales are up 4,500%. Are we madly in lust – or just short of space?

The Guardian - Feb 10, 14:00 GMT

Huge sofas are out and velvet loveseats are in

Huge sofas are out and velvet loveseats are in. No wonder, when more and more Britons are crammed into shoebox homes

When is a sofa not a sofa? When Valentine’s Day is around the corner, of course, and it becomes a loveseat. According to the online furniture retailer Swoon, seizing on this marketing opportunity, its loveseats have become enormously popular, with sales rocketing by 4,500%.

A loveseat is a small sofa, more bougie than a two-seater, on which you can stretch out languidly like a cat or, if you’re feeling romantic, two people can snuggle up together (until someone’s leg goes to sleep). “It’s the new two-seater, using space more economically,” says Sam Baldry, Swoon’s head of design. “The Tulum, for example, has really low arms, so you can lie all the way across it. You can curl up on it in a way that you never could on an armchair, or two of you can sit on it fairly comfortably, which means that you are using two-thirds of the space of a two-seater.”

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