India v Australia: Women's World Twenty20 – live!

The Guardian - Nov 17, 17:57 GMT

Updates from the final Group B game in GuyanaAny thoughts? Email or tweet @GeoffLemonSport 5

17th over: Australia 103-6 (Perry 28) This is how they fall when the required run rate blows out past 20. Patil had only conceded four from the over and Molineux couldn’t get her away. Swung in desperation. Yet another outfield catch for Krishnamurthy, this one down the ground.

16th over: Australia 99-5 (Perry 27, Molineux 6) The new batter clobbers a leg-side slog that should be a catch but ends up as a boundary instead, off hands. Nine runs from the over is a decent return, but losing Haynes without having fired a shot has all but ended Australia’s chances.

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