Government shutdown: Trump digs in as hundreds of thousands miss paychecks – live

The Guardian - Jan 11, 15:46 GMT

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Democrats are apparently trying to rein in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, using an approach which Politico says is “part carrot, part stick”. But at the same time, many are fearful of the New Yorker, with some reportedly comparing her influence to that of Donald Trump.

Lawmakers and aides are said to be urging Ocasio-Cortez to rein in her attacks on fellow Democrats – in November the congresswoman said she would an effort to recruit left-leaning primary challengers to incumbents – and warning her she needs to play along to get along.

Two House Democratic sources compared her use of Twitter to Donald Trump’s. Just as congressional Republicans constantly withhold criticism of the president out of fear he’ll unleash a tweet at them, some Democrats have done the same with Ocasio-Cortez.

“People are afraid of her,” said one senior Democratic aide.

The latest edition of the Guardian’s podcast, Today in Focus, addresses the shutdown.

Tune in to hear Lauren Gambino, in Washington DC, and Bryan Mealer, in Texas, discuss how Trump’s central campaign promise has led to this point of paralysis.

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