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The Guardian - Mar 13, 18:45 GMT

MPs to hold fresh vote after May’s withdrawal-deal defeatThe no-deal amendmentsMay to vote against no dealCivil service left floundering 6

MPs to hold fresh vote after May’s withdrawal-deal defeat

Matthew Pennycook, the shadow Brexit minister, is winding up the debate for Labour now.

He says it is hard to overstate how damaging a no-deal Brexit in just over a fortnight would be. It would be “nothing short of a national disaster”, he says.

The government has suffered two defeats in the House of Lords on the trade bill.

In the first, peers voted by 285 to 184, a majority of 101, in favour of a cross-party amendment tabled by the Labour former Northern Ireland secretary Peter Hain aimed at ensuring the continuation of frictionless trade between Northern Ireland and the Republic and blocking the imposition of customs arrangements or other checks and controls after Brexit day.

It does not place the government in a straight-jacket. All it requires is the very outcome we are all - leave or remain, government or opposition, London or Dublin - supposed to be signed up to. Namely the invisible open border on the island of Ireland we currently have.

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