Backlash after weatherman fired for using racial slur

The Guardian - Jan 11, 10:00 GMT

Jeremy Kappell says the slur was a mispronunciation

Jeremy Kappell says the slur was a mispronunciation. Al Roker and Bernice King are among those calling for forgiveness

Last Friday night, Jeremy Kappell, a local weatherman with WHEC-TV in Rochester, New York, added a word to the name of a downtown ice rink. Kappell was reporting on “Martin Luther coon King Jr Park”, he said, his voice appearing to catch on “coon”.

The incident went unaddressed on air, but gathered steam over the weekend online. By Sunday night, Rochester’s mayor, Lovely Warren, called for Kappell’s dismissal. By Monday, WHEC had fired Kappell, who has maintained that the word was an innocent mispronunciation.

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