Australia v India: first Test, day one – live!

The Guardian - Dec 06, 00:51 GMT

Updates from the first day of play in AdelaideAny thoughts? Email or tweet @collinsadam 12

  • Updates from the first day of play in Adelaide
  • Any thoughts? Email or tweet @collinsadam

10th over: India 19-2 (Pujara 3, Kohli 3) Excellent over from Hazlewood to Kohli, testing him upstairs early then finding the splice off the seam back towards the right-hander. An inside edge is found too, spitting out to square leg to keep him on strike next over. Cummins’ turn to have a crack at the Indian number one.

India has done Australia a favour by batting.

Forced the locals to lead with their strength. Bowling when conditions are best. Wickets to Hazlewood and Starc in their first spells.

Couldn’t ask for more

9th over: India 18-2 (Pujara 3, Kohli 2) This will probably be Starc’s last over for now in the blazing heat, but he has to have a crack at Kohli first. The Indian captain is mindful of this too, playing conservatively to see off the Australian attack leader, pushing one to midwicket to keep the strike.

“Don’t tell us it’s ‘must see TV’!” emails Ed Elias. “Following online at work as I can’t watch TV right now!” Quite fair: the OBO has your back. I’ll try and weave in whatever digital highlights are popped on twitter so you can get your visual fill. Here is the first wicket, for instance.

The first wicket of the Test summer! #AUSvIND

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