How Herb Kelleher Made Southwest a Vexing Problem for Online Travel
Jan 10, 07:00 Skift

Southwest has perennially been a thorn in the side of online travel companies that lusted after getting access to its flights and fares

Secondary Cities Become Dynamic Destinations
Jan 10, 05:30 Skift

Event planners in Pittsburgh this week were eager to try new ways to not just engage attendees, but keep them returning year after year. Technology is only part of the answer. -Andrew Sheivachman

JetBlue’s Great European Tease Is Almost Over
Jan 10, 05:05 Skift

Will JetBlue expand to Europe? It's not clear. There are some strong reasons for, and some strong reasons against. The good news: The airline plans to share its decision at some point this year

Why Frontier’s Flight Attendants Shouldn’t Solicit Tips From Passengers
Jan 09, 23:00 Skift

When flight attendants say their priority is safety, they mean it. In rigorous training, they learn how to fight fires, evacuate airplanes and secure the cabin against threats. They serve drinks, too

Google Starts Piloting Voice Products for Airlines and Hotels
Jan 09, 21:25 Skift

Google's voice-powered assistant now lets you check in for United flights. Nice. The tech giant is also working with Hyatt and other hotels on testing a translation device at front desks

Naked lunch: why diners couldn't stomach the Paris nudist restaurant
Jan 09, 16:53 The Guardian

O’naturel’s eating in the buff failed to catch on and it’s closing after 15 months

Great snowy breaks around the world: readers’ travel tips
Jan 03, 06:30 The Guardian

Snowshoeing and tobogganing are two of our tipsters’ snowy fun favourites but being chased down the street by demons also gets a look inThis is a stunning area of Lombardy, high in the Alps

Winter weekends away: 10 of the best country house hotels
Dec 30, 07:00 The Guardian

Now’s the time to hunker down in a cosy but luxurious room

Readers' best travel discoveries of 2018: your top tips
Dec 27, 07:00 The Guardian

What an adventurous lot you are! Your 2018 highlights include mountain treks, centuries-old communities and exotic wildlife

10 great winter walks in the UK: readers’ tips
Dec 26, 09:30 The Guardian

Cold winds sweep marshes, hills, woods and moors from Rye to Pitlochry

Why Royal Caribbean Is Thinking Beyond Ship Size
Dec 23, 21:00 Skift

When a cruise line can fit more than 6,000 passengers on a single ship, it needs to know how to keep them happy

Thomas Cook’s Hard Year and 10 Other Tourism Trends This Week
Dec 23, 19:00 Skift

This week in tourism, we reviewed the many factors that made Thomas Cook's share price fall this year

Lufthansa’s Antitrust Allegations and 7 Other Aviation Trends This Week
Dec 23, 15:00 Skift

This week in aviation, Lufthansa faces a formal complaint alleging that it refused to supply its cheapest fares through global distribution systems

Indonesian Tsunami Claims Over 168 Lives, Destroys Tourism Infrastructure
Dec 23, 07:09 Skift

Indonesia' tourism ministry has halted promotional activities on Lampung and Banten, two popular destinations hit by a tsunami Saturday night, local time

Museums Face Overtourism Problems as They Tilt Toward Blockbuster Exhibitions
Dec 22, 21:00 Skift

It's true — going to MoMA, the Louvre, or the Prado isn't enough anymore

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