Luxury Agents Try to Combine High-Level Service With Street-Level Experiences
Nov 13, 15:00 Skift

Luxury travel advisors are experts at planning a five-star vacation for their clients, but agents are more frequently being asked to add a more local element to their plans

Travel Advisors Are Selling Concierge Services — Just Don’t Call Them Fees
Nov 13, 15:00 Skift

Consultant Nolan Burris is a pioneer in advocating that travel agencies charge service fees

How Wellness Hospitality Brands Can Succeed Amid Big-City Chaos
Nov 13, 15:00 Skift

Wellness hospitality brands known for their idyllic locations are heading to New York City. Will the temptation of taking a bite out of the Big Apple prove a brand benefit or drawback? -Laura Powell

Cathay Pacific’s Data Hack Lasted for Months
Nov 13, 14:00 Skift

If Cathay Pacific violated data protection rules, its executives could land themselves in hot water, even if they insist the data wasn't misused. -Sean O'Neill

Slated for success: a walk in Snowdonia, Wales – a potential new Unesco site
Nov 13, 06:30 The Guardian

Cambodia has Angkor Wat, Jordan has Petra and Unesco may soon add the slate landscape of Snowdonia to its heritage list

Thai High-Speed Rail Project Attracts Billionaire Bidder
Nov 12, 13:10 Skift

Linking up international airports would be great news for Thailand's tourism industry but as always with these big infrastructure projects, it's about weighing up the costs and benefits

The Big-Money Reinvention of the Humble Hostel: A Skift Deep Dive
Nov 12, 07:30 Skift

Money is flowing into the hostels market and established hotel companies want a piece. Will this new corporatization cost hostels the soul of their original mission? -Patrick Whyte

Airlines Find Another Way to Wring Out Extra Revenue: Auctioning Unsold Premium Seats
Nov 12, 07:00 Skift

Remember when airlines used to give away their best seats for free. Ha! The economy is strong, and airlines are offering fewer upgrades. Passengers who want to sit up front need to pay for it

WebBeds on Shopping Spree for Bedbanks: Should Hotelbeds Be Worried?
Nov 12, 06:30 Skift

The acquisition of Destinations of the World seals WebBeds as the second largest B2B bedbank player, but incumbent Hotelbeds need not worry – for a very long time. -Raini Hamdi

Europe Travel Giants TUI and Thomas Cook Still Searching for Brexit Answers
Nov 12, 06:00 Skift

Travel companies and those destinations that rely on UK tourists may want as little as possible to change after Brexit. The problem is that the ultimate decision is out of their hands. -Patrick Whyte

Zimbabwe Is Boosting Tourism Despite Its Ravaged Economy
Nov 12, 05:30 Skift

If you're reading the papers, Zimbabwe's economy looks like a disaster from the outside

Skift Forum Asia Update: Program, Speakers and Super Early Bird Tickets
Nov 12, 05:15 Skift

We've confirmed top speakers to take the stage and our program is taking shape. Join us for the inaugural Skift Forum Asia, where the Future of Travel Will Be Tested. -Rafat Ali

Midterm Election Fallout and 18 Other Tourism Trends This Week
Nov 11, 18:30 Skift

This week in tourism, the U.S. midterm elections and a new split Congress were top of mind

Marriott’s Soft Quarter and 4 Other Hospitality Trends This Week
Nov 11, 15:30 Skift

This week in hospitality, Marriott is focused on the Starwood integration despite its "sobering" third quarter earnings, and Belmond stays quiet about a possible sale of the company

Emirates Is Ending Its Sponsorship of France’s Best Football Team
Nov 11, 03:10 Skift

Emirates doesn't always sponsor the best team – hello Arsenal – but it does focus on the ones with the fan base in the right demographic

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