Senior Buddy System and 9 Other Tourism Trends This Week
Dec 08, 18:30 Skift

This week in tourism news, a new matching site could help solo seniors find buddies for their next trips

Airbnb Ranks Its Top Up-and-Coming Destinations for 2019
Dec 08, 17:00 Skift

Quieter locales in Scotland, New Zealand, China, and Mexico lead Airbnb’s trending destinations for the coming year

Trivago Faces Multimillion Dollar Fine and 11 Other Digital Trends This Week
Dec 08, 15:30 Skift

This week in digital news, Trivago has a court date to address reportedly misleading consumers about its hotel comparisons

Recall Puts Spotlight on Dominant Chinese Scooter Manufacturer
Dec 08, 14:00 Skift

Micro-mobility providers have a long way to go in terms of smooth functionality. Will scooters eventually suffer the same fate as the Segway? -Sarah Enelow-Snyder

‘Mind-blowingly gorgeous Georgia’
Dec 08, 07:00 The Guardian

A mix of traditional, Soviet and modern styles, Georgia is a tricky place to pin down

Paris Cultural Sites to Close Saturday Amid Riot Fears
Dec 07, 18:58 Skift

Now is not the best time to be visiting Paris, though some of the biggest tourist draws in the city will remain open

Europeans Traveled Abroad More in 2018 But the Pace Slowed
Dec 07, 16:30 Skift

Europeans did more outbound international travel this year than last year. The pace of growth was not as torrid as in the past, however. Experts forecast a similar modest growth rate for 2019

Lufthansa Wants Union Members to Pay for Having Organized on Company Time
Dec 07, 16:00 Skift

Unions, like companies, can be good or bad. The devil's in the details of this dispute, which airlines and unions worldwide will be following closely. -Sean O'Neill

Adios, sombreros and Pie Ella. The age of the package holiday is over | Stuart Jeffries
Dec 07, 13:47 The Guardian

Thomas Cook is in trouble, in part due to our changing holiday habits

Amtrak Sleeper Car Attendant Brings Old-Fashioned Hospitality to the Rails
Dec 07, 13:30 Skift

Business travelers and commuters may be Amtrak's bread and butter, but many leisure travelers have decades of warm feelings for its sleeper cars, and the old-fashioned hospitality they afford

Virgin Atlantic Looked at Launching a Low-Cost Airline
Dec 07, 13:00 Skift

Yet another airline trying figure out how to compete with low-cost airlines, Virgin Atlantic opted not to launch its own — figuring the damage to its brand would be too high a price to pay

On the trail of Mary, Queen of Scots
Dec 07, 06:30 The Guardian

A major new film about the 16th-century queen will put the castles and battlefields of her tragic final days back in the spotlight

One Tennessee Airport Is Going 100 Percent Solar: Will Others Follow?
Dec 05, 22:00 Skift

We're not sure this is the start of a trend, but it's good to see one airport taking a green approach. -Brian Sumers

Royal Air Maroc Joins Oneworld Alliance to Bolster Africa Reach
Dec 05, 21:15 Skift

Frequent flyers on American, British Airways or one of the other 13 members of the Oneworld alliance will soon have another member to look forward to for codeshare flights and frequent flyer points

Scientists Say Some Airlines Illegally Refuse to Fly Lab Animals
Dec 05, 21:00 Skift

We can understand why airlines keeping wishing this issue would just disappear. -Sean O'Neill

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