Trump’s War on Foreign Visas Leads to Less Student Travel to U.S.
Jan 18, 17:05 Skift

Fewer international college students are heading to the U.S. for their studies. This means a reduction in travel and all of the economic benefits that cities see from robust foreign visitation

Airlines Prioritize New Technologies as They Position Themselves for the Future
Jan 18, 15:00 Skift

For years so many airlines were relatively content to sit back and rest on their legacy technologies. These moves by airlines to adapt new technologies are a healthy omen for the future

China’s Alibaba Trims Business Travel Spend as Trade War Concerns Mount
Jan 18, 14:00 Skift

Alibaba's business travelers are no longer routinely booking extra-legroom seats, and they are not riding solo in taxis. The impact of U.S.-China trade war tensions is creeping into U.S

Ryanair Issues Profit Warning as Fares Tumble
Jan 18, 13:00 Skift

Ryanair's lowered guidance is a sign of how tough things are for European airlines at the moment

'I have lost my wallet and brother': reuniting at Kumbh Mela, the world's largest festival
Jan 18, 11:09 The Guardian

As an estimated 15m Hindus gather at convergence of holy rivers in India, the huge lost-and-found centres go digitalDay and night, through crackling loudspeakers, the announcements ring out

Outdoorsy Raises $50 Million for RV Bookings: Travel Startup Funding This Week
Jan 18, 07:00 Skift

Outdoorsy, an outdoor recreational vehicle marketplace, has raised $50 million in Series C funding

10 great European art anniversaries in 2019
Jan 18, 06:30 The Guardian

From 100 years of Bauhaus to 500 years since Leonardo’s death, a host of landmark art events and exhibitions open around Europe this yearIt is 350 years since the death of Rembrandt van Rijn

How Lyft Tries to Hook Biz Travelers
Jan 18, 05:30 Skift

Lyft wants to become a bigger part of business travel life by offering rewards and more flexible transportation options

Hotels Should Be Careful Not to Underestimate the Impact of the U.S. Government Shutdown
Jan 17, 20:30 Skift

As yet another day is added to the shutdown, the impact is felt more deeply. If hotels are forced to send employees home, even more Americans will miss out on paychecks. -Isaac Carey

Premier Inn Owner Looks to Put Pressure on Independent Hotels
Jan 17, 19:46 Skift

In an economic downturn there are winners as well as losers. Whitbread will be hoping Premier Inn comes out on top when Brexit starts to bite. -Patrick Whyte

Vietnam Tour Operator Vietravel to Launch New Airline
Jan 17, 18:00 Skift

What? Another new airline in Vietnam? Bamboo Airways has barely taken to the skies when a major tour operator in the country decides we want to get in on this, too

Watchdog Finds Trump D.C. Hotel Should Not Have Been Cleared on Foreign Payments
Jan 17, 14:00 Skift

If it smells like it violates the U.S. Constitution, it probably violates the U.S. Constitution. -Dennis Schaal

Bangkok’s Prolonged Haze Could Cost Millions in Tourist Dollars
Jan 17, 13:30 Skift

Bangkok needs more than rainmakers to be treated seriously as the world’s top city destination, and to be a strong contender for medical tourists

Europe’s Busiest Airports – Ranked
Jan 17, 13:00 Skift

Even with two crowded runways, London Heathrow airport is still the busiest airport in Europe, but how long will this last? -Patrick Whyte

The UK’s Brexit Tourism Bounce Is Likely to Flatten
Jan 17, 06:00 Skift

A weak pound made the UK more attractive to tourists but a chaotic Brexit threatens the country's hospitality industry. -Patrick Whyte

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