A river ride to Rishikesh: India's new adventure capital
Jan 16, 06:30 The Guardian

Rishikesh shot to fame when the Beatles arrived, in search of enlightenment

Naked lunch: why diners couldn't stomach the Paris nudist restaurant
Jan 09, 16:53 The Guardian

O’naturel’s eating in the buff failed to catch on and it’s closing after 15 months

Great snowy breaks around the world: readers’ travel tips
Jan 03, 06:30 The Guardian

Snowshoeing and tobogganing are two of our tipsters’ snowy fun favourites but being chased down the street by demons also gets a look inThis is a stunning area of Lombardy, high in the Alps

Winter weekends away: 10 of the best country house hotels
Dec 30, 07:00 The Guardian

Now’s the time to hunker down in a cosy but luxurious room

Readers' best travel discoveries of 2018: your top tips
Dec 27, 07:00 The Guardian

What an adventurous lot you are! Your 2018 highlights include mountain treks, centuries-old communities and exotic wildlife

10 great winter walks in the UK: readers’ tips
Dec 26, 09:30 The Guardian

Cold winds sweep marshes, hills, woods and moors from Rye to Pitlochry

The best travel discoveries of 2018: chosen by Guardian writers
Dec 22, 07:00 The Guardian

Castles and museums, beaches and cities, train lines and walking trails – plus gorgeous places to eat and stay

Readers’ travel photography competition: December winners
Dec 21, 10:30 The Guardian

Our final selection of the year ranges from New York cops to Venice shops, camel fairs to penguins

Ice hotel opens with new designs in Swedish Lapland – in pictures
Dec 17, 13:14 The Guardian

The Ice Hotel returns with new suites featuring a candy shop, an aquarium and a bathing icewoman Continue reading...

Cosy UK country cottages for a great New Year getaway
Dec 15, 12:00 The Guardian

There’s still time to book a bolthole to see in 2019 – some with hefty discounts

Six of the best UK New Year’s Eve parties
Dec 15, 10:00 The Guardian

See in 2019 amid pyrotechnics, Vikings and beach frolics – then crash in a hotel after the partyWhy go Those with young children will welcome Newcastle’s earlier, family-friendly celebrations

A new way to hop around Australia's Kangaroo Island
Dec 14, 06:30 The Guardian

There’s no need to lug a tent and stove around the South Australian island’s Wilderness Trail. It’s now possible to stay in a new, comfy lodge each nightMy guide was wearing odd socks

10 cool shopping districts around the world: readers’ tips
Dec 13, 06:30 The Guardian

Hamburg has its vinyl, St Petersburg its designer island and Toronto its arty distillery district

Send us a tip on a UK winter walk for the chance to win a £200 hotel voucher
Dec 11, 16:07 The Guardian

A good walk and fresh air are perfect for blowing away the Christmas cobwebs

‘Mind-blowingly gorgeous Georgia’
Dec 08, 07:00 The Guardian

A mix of traditional, Soviet and modern styles, Georgia is a tricky place to pin down

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