Diversity Is the New Mission in Wellness
Apr 25, 14:15 Skift

The world of wellness is filled with overpriced products and services that unfortunately tend to exclude most people, whether racially or socioeconomically

Norwegian Blames 737 Max Grounding for Potentially Another Year Without Profit
Apr 25, 12:30 Skift

It's good news on the cost-cutting front but Norwegian is still looking at a bumpy 2019 thanks in part to the continuing uncertainty over the Max aircraft. -Patrick Whyte

Philippine’s Boracay Island Tackles Overtourism With Bans on Cruise Ships in Peak Seasons
Apr 25, 12:00 Skift

Philippines’ Boracay shows a good example of how to regulate potential overcrowding by cruise ships

Allegiant Air Execs Angrily Defend Airline’s Hotel Strategy
Apr 25, 10:30 Skift

Allegiant CEO Maury Gallagher has always done things his way. By doing so, he has built one of the most profitable airlines in the world

10 of the world's best public transport rides: readers’ travel tips
Apr 25, 05:30 The Guardian

There’s no need for expensive tours when you can take a cable car to a cloud forest, a train through a gorge or a $10 bus to fantastic vineyardsIdyllic Iona is reached by a 10-minute, £3

A Renewed Investor Focus on Event Technology
Apr 25, 04:30 Skift

As event technology companies continue to grow, they’re attracting interest from investors who see promise in the sector

Boeing Preaches Patience in First Earnings Call After Max Grounding
Apr 25, 02:00 Skift

Boeing is going to take a financial loss from the Max groundings. The only question is how much

United CEO: Return of 737 Max Jets to Service Should Be Uniform Across Airlines
Apr 24, 21:30 Skift

Remember, United is not as affected by this grounding as other airlines. This month, Max flights would have accounted for about 1.4 percent of capacity

Culture Is Central in Puerto Rico’s New Marketing Campaign
Apr 24, 17:00 Skift

A good website is critical for branding in this day and age, and the new tourism board made a smart move by investing heavily in design and functionality. -Isaac Carey

Airbnb Is Entering Show Business, Investing in Launching New Shows
Apr 24, 16:35 Skift

Airbnb to the world: "I'm ready for my close-up." -Deanna Ting

How Finnair Got It Wrong in China
Apr 24, 14:30 Skift

Finnair has made the most of its Helsinki hub’s advantageous position when it comes to flying to Asia, but clearly it hasn’t gotten everything right. -Patrick Whyte

Selina Raises $100 Million for Its Millennial-Focused Lodging
Apr 24, 12:00 Skift

Selina is riding a wave of venture capital investment like a dreadlocked surfer with remarkable poise

Accor to Open 30 Hotels in Egypt Citing Strong Rebound
Apr 24, 11:00 Skift

Accor will open 60 hotels in Africa, half of them in Egypt

United Airlines Unveils New Paint Scheme
Apr 24, 10:00 Skift

United’s new look shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of its frequent flyers. The airline has been slowly changing its airport signage to match the look that’s now going to be on aircraft

Travel Advisor Training Enters a New Phase in Its Evolution
Apr 24, 04:30 Skift

Training for travel advisors has become a big priority for consortiums and host travel agencies, particularly as more people enter the industry from previous careers

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