Moto Z4 leak points to a top-end chipset and in-screen scanner
Nov 20, 10:36 TechRadar

The Moto Z4 could have some high-end features paired with disappointing RAM and storage.

Google Pixel 3 Lite camera samples leak hints at flagship credentials
Nov 20, 10:30 TechRadar

The rumored, cheaper Pixel 3 Lite is tipped to pack the same camera as its flagship siblings.

Activision ignites rage over Spyro's accessibility failure
Nov 20, 10:18 TechRadar

Spyro Reignited Trilogy launched last week, albeit without provision for deaf and hard-of-hearing players.

OnePlus could charge a high price for its upcoming 5G phone
Nov 20, 10:03 TechRadar

The first 5G phone from OnePlus could cost $100 more than the OnePlus 6T.

Fallout 76's first patch is an apocalyptic 47GB on PS4
Nov 20, 09:58 TechRadar

Routers at the ready, Bethesda is about to detonate your download queue.

RIP Steam Link: Valveā€™s streaming gadget has been discontinued
Nov 20, 09:57 TechRadar

Stock is now sold out in Europe, although you might still be able to grab one in the US.

Why industry-wide standards are needed for the future of the automotive industry
Nov 20, 09:30 TechRadar

HARMAN's Dr. Mike Peters explains why industry-wide standards are needed before Level 5 autonomous cars can become a reality.

Everything we know about the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro so far
Nov 20, 07:42 TechRadar

The upcoming smartphone from Xiaomi has the unenviable task of being better than its immensely popular predecessor- and has one notable difference.

CES 2019: what to expect from the world's biggest annual tech event
Nov 19, 21:17 TechRadar

Foldables, rollables, transparent TVs and Alexa everywhere - here's what we expect to see at CES 2019.

Alexa can now make Skype calls
Nov 19, 20:13 TechRadar

Amazon and Microsoft are joining forces to bring a more robust video calling experience to Alexa devices.

JPL News: NASA Announces Landing Site for Mars 2020 Rover
Nov 19, 17:49 Caltech

On ancient Mars, water carved channels and transported sediments to form fans and deltas within lake basins

UK unprepared for major cyberattacks
Nov 19, 17:47 TechRadar

A joint committee on national security strategy has warned that the UK is unprepared to prevent a major cyberattack against its critical national infrastructure.

Hackers spoof major brands for Black Friday scams
Nov 19, 17:16 TechRadar

Kaspersky Lab finds banking Trojans are being used to steal personal and financial data from online shoppers.

Vision Direct suffers major consumer hack
Nov 19, 16:15 TechRadar

A fake Google Analytics script is responsible for exposing the details of thousands of Vision Direct customers online.

Microsoft yanks two buggy Office patches but keeps pushing one that crashes
Nov 19, 16:15 ComputerWorld

Two related Office 2010 non-security patches issued on Nov. 6 were pulled on Nov. 17

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