Stadia: everything you need to know about Google's game-streaming service
Mar 19, 18:38 TechRadar

A world where you can open a Chrome tab to play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is finally here.

Check out the latest ROG innovation at PAX EAST 2019
Mar 19, 18:11 TechRadar

TechRadar editors spend their days reviewing the best and the worst tech products on the market, so they usually know which ones consumers will actually like

EU government websites littered with Google ad trackers
Mar 19, 17:43 TechRadar

New research from Cookiebot has revealed that Google and other tech firms are using cookies to track the activity of citizens on EU government websites.

Get up to £140 in pre-paid Mastercards with BT's fibre broadband deals
Mar 19, 17:33 TechRadar

Get BT fibre broadband for an effectively reduced price thanks to big reward cards - offerings on both Superfast 1 and 2 packages.

Zenit unveils 50mm f/0.95 lens
Mar 19, 17:25 TechRadar

Ultra-wide-aperture optic aimed at portrait photographers confirmed for users of Sony's E-system cameras.

UK government spending £1bn on cloud transition
Mar 19, 16:53 TechRadar

New figures have revealed that UK government cloud spending has ballooned in recent years as public sector bodies migrate more of their systems onto the cloud.

Anker's $49.99 truly-wireless earbuds are a cheap alternative to Apple AirPods
Mar 19, 16:50 TechRadar

Anker's Truly-Wireless Soundcore Liberty Neo earbuds are on sale at Amazon for only $49.99.

Starfield: release date, trailers and news
Mar 19, 16:32 TechRadar

Bethesda has announced its first new IP in 25 years – and it's looking very sci-fi.

Slingshot into AR: Angry Birds in augmented reality coming to your iPhone and iPad
Mar 19, 16:09 TechRadar

Sling Angry Birds at enemy buildings animated over the real world in a new augmented reality new game coming to your iPhones and iPads.

After Anthem, The Division 2 shows Bioware how to make a looter shooter
Mar 19, 16:00 TechRadar

We explore why The Division 2 is online multiplayer that Anthem should have been.

Half of organizations lack the security talent needed to remain secure
Mar 19, 15:53 TechRadar

Trend Micro research finds global lack of security talent is putting organizations at risk.

The dangers of password sharing at work
Mar 19, 15:30 TechRadar

SurveyMonkey's Brent Williams explains why password sharing at work carries huge risk for organizations.

Firefox 66 is here, and it'll put an end to annoying autoplaying videos
Mar 19, 15:22 TechRadar

No more hunting around for the tab that's making that horrible noise.

Ikea's Sonos speakers could start at $120
Mar 19, 15:00 TechRadar

The new speakers are set to be unveiled in Milan in April and will reportedly come in black and white color schemes.

Best eSign software solutions of 2019
Mar 19, 15:00 TechRadar

Signing documents is a time consuming and wastes paper. Upgrade your office with one of these e-signature apps

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