Top Samsung Galaxy S10 model to cost top-dollar, new pricing leak suggests
Jan 22, 03:22 TechRadar

A new leak suggests we could be looking at a very hefty price for the Samsung's next top-of-the-line handset.

APC's January 2019 issue is out now!
Jan 22, 02:10 TechRadar

Here's what you'll find in the January 2019 issue of APC mag.

APC full-version software downloads
Jan 22, 02:01 TechRadar

The latest free software downloads included with your APC magazine purchase.

NBN Co doling out more discounts, wants Aussies to adopt faster 100Mbps plans
Jan 21, 23:46 TechRadar

NBN Co is aiming to boost the number of users on 100Mbps plans by offering RSPs a limited-time rebate.

How to watch Celebrity Big Brother 2019 online for free in the US or abroad
Jan 21, 20:13 TechRadar

There's no reason to miss this year's Big Brother - you can even watch if you're outside the US or on holiday while it's on.

Google fined £44m by French data regulator
Jan 21, 20:12 TechRadar

CNIL has levied a record fine against Google over how it collected user data without consent to personalise ads.

WhatsApp Fights Fake News With Message Forwarding Restrictions
Jan 21, 18:22 The Time

The company first rolled out the new restrictions for users in India last year

Refurbished iPhone deals: save hundreds on the iPhone X with this great new price
Jan 21, 17:59 TechRadar

Going refurbished could save you a lot of money without compromising on quality. Check out this cheap iPhone X deal.

Over a third of companies now use AI in some way
Jan 21, 17:22 TechRadar

Gartner survey finds more companies are using AI but a lack of talent presents a deployment challenge.

Motorola Razr V4: what we want to see
Jan 21, 17:15 TechRadar

The Razr range could be making a return and this time it might be a foldable phone.

Digital retailers are selling movies at bargain prices this week
Jan 21, 17:10 TechRadar

Mega Movie Week is apparently a thing, and it's netting you a lot of discounts from Amazon, Google Play and more.

Fireflies: This Call Is Being Monitored — By AI — for Quality Assurance
Jan 21, 17:00 nVidia

Krish Ramineni and Sam Udotong are quintessential Silicon Valley: They breath code, bond over hackathons and one thrives on Soylent

UK hit with 30m cyberattacks in just three months
Jan 21, 16:54 TechRadar

New research from Kaspersky Lab highlights the high number of attacks carried out in the UK during Q4 of last year.

Spotify toys with block button for your least favorite artists
Jan 21, 16:46 TechRadar

Select Spotify users have discovered a block feature to stop unwanted bands and artists playing from your account.

5 things that made Resident Evil 2 so frighteningly great
Jan 21, 16:26 TechRadar

Just what about the 1998 classic made the Resident Evil franchise a gaming phenomenon?

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