The best Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus cases
Jan 16, 22:37 TechRadar

Before we compile a list of the best Samsung Galaxy S10 cases next month, we take a look at what case leaks tell us.

First Android Q leak shows off system-wide dark mode and more privacy options
Jan 16, 22:23 TechRadar

The first leak of Android Q reveals a system-wide dark mode, improved permissions, new developer options and more.

Security exploit left your Fortnite account open to hackers
Jan 16, 19:28 TechRadar

According to researchers, your credit card info could've been used to buy in-game items without you ever knowing.

US government data leak exposes years of investigations
Jan 16, 18:53 TechRadar

Cybersecurity firm UpGuard has discovered an unsecured government server with millions of sensitive files.

Amazon Super Bowl 4KTV deals: Sony, LG and Samsung offer Black Friday-like deals
Jan 16, 18:16 TechRadar

Amazon's game day TV sale sees Black Friday prices on best-selling 4K TVs from Sony, LG and Samsung.

Why Metro Exodus is the antidote to Fallout 76
Jan 16, 17:35 TechRadar

Were you disappointed by Fallout 76? Then Metro Exodus could be the game you're looking for.

Apple Watch price could get cheaper for seniors on Medicare
Jan 16, 17:22 TechRadar

Owning an Apple Watch isn't cheap, so Apple is reportedly looking for a way to have Medicare cover some of the expense.

The best free T-shirt design sites
Jan 16, 17:18 TechRadar

Quick and easy online tools for designing your own T-shirts for promotion, profit or fun.

Amazon Alexa gets a fresh voice for reading the news
Jan 16, 16:47 TechRadar

The voice assistant has been given a ‘newscaster’ voice for a more realistic delivery of the day’s news.

Americans reluctant to pay for privacy
Jan 16, 16:42 TechRadar

New research has revealed that Americans would be willing to pay a monthly fee to have less of their data collected online.

Rumors of Intel looking to acquire AMD again seem doubtful
Jan 16, 16:09 TechRadar

Intel has been rumored to acquire AMD once again, but it seems like an extremely long shot this year.

A Fortnite Security Flaw Reportedly Put Millions of Players at Risk of Malware
Jan 16, 16:08 The Time

Epic Games says it was aware of the issue and worked to solve it

Surface Dial could be turned up a notch by adding a touch sensor
Jan 16, 15:47 TechRadar

A future incarnation of the Dial could let you easily access convenient multi-touch gestures.

Motorola Razr reboot may finally happen, and it could be a foldable phone
Jan 16, 15:40 TechRadar

February may be the release date for the Motorola Razr reboot.

Olympus OM-D E-M1X: everything we know so far
Jan 16, 15:37 TechRadar

Olympus is getting ready to launch an new flagship camera on January 24. Here's what we know...

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