5 security resolutions for 2019 you need to implement right now
Feb 25, 02:20 TechRadar

A few simple tricks and tips that may save your data and your wallet

Telstra secures the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and LG V50 ThinQ as 5G exclusives
Feb 25, 01:16 TechRadar

Telstra has announced three phones arriving with 5G in early 2019, two of which will be exclusive launches with the telco.

Lenovo’s affordable new laptops give you the choice of AMD or Intel CPUs
Feb 24, 23:01 TechRadar

Lenovo has plenty more to show off at MWC, too, including a nifty 7-inch tablet with phone functionality.

LG hints strongly at flexible phone plans, but says time isn’t right
Feb 24, 21:18 TechRadar

LG will join the foldable revolution, but wants to deliver ‘a device people can use’.

Microsoft Azure Kinect could power the next generation of VR
Feb 24, 21:08 TechRadar

“Unprecedented accuracy” allows richer, more intelligent AI-powered apps

LG G8 is coming, but the LG V50 isn't far behind with 5G
Feb 24, 18:53 TechRadar

The LG G8 flagship is officially unveiled, and so is the company’s first 5G-capable phone, the LG V50 ThinQ.

LG DualScreen: first look at LG's alternative to foldable phones
Feb 24, 18:45 TechRadar

LG doesn’t want a foldable phone yet, so a clip on screen is the next best thing.

Microsoft HoloLens 2 brings even more VR power
Feb 24, 17:33 TechRadar

Microsoft’s wearable technology gets a major upgrade at MWC

China’s Huawei Unveils New 5G Folding-Screen Phone
Feb 24, 16:14 The Time

The Mate X will sell for 2,299 euros ($2,600) when it goes on sale by midyear

Alcatel's new smartphones bring flagship features budget buyers
Feb 24, 16:00 TechRadar

AR emoji, two-tone colors and AI scene recognition in a phone a fifth of the price of flagships.

First look: TCL's 'affordable' foldable phone concept launching in 2020
Feb 24, 16:00 TechRadar

We've had an early look at a foldable phone which won't break the bank.

Nokia 9 PureView launches with more rear cameras than any other smartphone
Feb 24, 15:30 TechRadar

Nokia's latest batch of phones includes the headlining 9 PureView with five rear cameras.

Nokia promises to 'double-down' on retro phone reboots in 2019
Feb 24, 15:21 TechRadar

Which phone is getting rebooted next?

Instagram could be planning public Pinterest-style collections
Feb 24, 14:30 TechRadar

You might soon be able to show off your carefully curated collections to the wider world.

Best Linux laptops of 2019: the top open-source notebooks
Feb 24, 14:11 TechRadar

Ditch your Windows and dump your Mac – it’s time to explore another operating system.

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