Sign Up for HelloSign and Get Your First Three eSignatures Free
Nov 20, 15:41 ComputerWorld

When’s the last time you signed a contract on an actual piece of paper? Likely not lately, and likely not any time soon

IDG Contributor Network: T-Mobile Sprint merger will be approved with conditions
Nov 20, 15:30 ComputerWorld

I’ve been following the T-Mobile Sprint merger story for many years. If I were a betting man, I would say this merger will be approved, with conditions

Heads up: A ‘critical’ Win7/Server 2008 patch coming in February/March that’s really critical
Nov 20, 13:50 ComputerWorld

There’s an important move afoot, if you’re using Windows 7 or Server 2008, or an older version of Windows Server Update Services

ProtonMail launches standalone iOS app
Nov 20, 11:22 ComputerWorld

Encrypted email service provider ProtonMail has launched a standalone virtual private network app for iOS devices

The big fix
Nov 20, 11:00 ComputerWorld

Pilot fish at a federal agency gets a visit from a power user who can't get access to the data he needs -- and he's not at all happy

What Apple's T2 security chip brings to the enterprise table
Nov 20, 11:00 ComputerWorld

There's been a lot of discussion about Apple's T2 security chip, particularly the restrictions it places on repairs not sanctioned by Apple

Alexa can now make Skype calls
Nov 19, 20:13 TechRadar

Amazon and Microsoft are joining forces to bring a more robust video calling experience to Alexa devices.

JPL News: NASA Announces Landing Site for Mars 2020 Rover
Nov 19, 17:49 Caltech

On ancient Mars, water carved channels and transported sediments to form fans and deltas within lake basins

Microsoft yanks two buggy Office patches but keeps pushing one that crashes
Nov 19, 16:15 ComputerWorld

Two related Office 2010 non-security patches issued on Nov. 6 were pulled on Nov. 17

Swatting Down Disease: Puerto Rican Startup Takes Bite Out of Mosquito-Borne Sickness
Nov 19, 16:00 nVidia

Ask folks which animal kills the most people each year and they’ll probably say crocodiles, sharks or maybe lions. But the correct answer is a lot less obvious — the mosquito

The Tech Industry’s Newest Billionaires Are a Pair of Brothers Who Started Their Company in Their Parent’s Basement
Nov 19, 15:36 The Time

They once turned down a $500 million offer for the company.

Download Malwarebytes Today and Protect Your Data for Free
Nov 19, 14:59 ComputerWorld

Everyone lives on the internet, period

How to automate your Mac with Calendar
Nov 19, 13:15 ComputerWorld

We’ve looked before at some useful scripts you can create in Automatorto help you get things done

So much for THAT excuse
Nov 19, 11:00 ComputerWorld

It's 2:30 a.m. when this data center pilot fish is awakened from a sound sleep by a call from an inexperienced mainframe operator with a show-stopping problem Blockchain job interest (and postings) dip as bitcoin loses steam
Nov 19, 11:00 ComputerWorld

Job search service Indeed has published new data showing that interest in job roles related to bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency declined over the past year

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