President Trump Praises ‘Trump of the Tropics’ in Meeting With Brazilian Leader
Mar 19, 18:28 The Time

Trump said he's looking at U.S. support for Brazil's effort to gain certain NATO privileges

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Honored New Zealand Victims in an Unexpected Way
Mar 19, 18:01 The Time

"We have all been fortunate to spend time in Christchurch"

Man Creates a Massive Crop Circle of Beto O’Rourke’s Face. Here’s What It Looks Like From Above
Mar 19, 17:23 The Time

The portrait is made entirely of organic materials

Read the Pointed Tweets That Led a Congressman to Sue Twitter
Mar 19, 16:58 The Time

One of the accounts is called "Devin Nunes' cow"

Ask Your Questions About TIME’s Magazine Covers in a Reddit AMA With Creative Director D.W. Pine
Mar 19, 16:38 The Time

Since 1923, TIME’s magazine covers have featured individuals, topics and events that have had considerable impact on the world around us

Facebook Says No One Flagged New Zealand Mosque Shooting During Live Broadcast
Mar 19, 16:27 The Time

The video's rapid spread online puts renewed pressure on Facebook

Cynthia Nixon Knew Her Chances of Becoming New York Governor Were Slim. One Year Later, She Has No Regrets About Running
Mar 19, 15:13 The Time

Whenever Cynthia Nixon leaves her Manhattan apartment, people thank her

Brazen Koala Hopped Into a Man’s Car to Cool Off and Refused to Leave
Mar 19, 15:04 The Time

The koala tried to escape Australia heat by enjoying this man's air conditioner

Elizabeth Warren Says She Supports the Elimination of the Electoral College
Mar 19, 14:59 The Time

Warren has been critical of the electoral college before

British Lawmakers Prepare to Ask the European Union for a Delay on Brexit
Mar 19, 14:31 The Time

May will send a letter requesting an extension to the European Council president

Man Shells Out $1.4 Million for a Pigeon Because It’s Simply the ‘Lionel Messi’ of Racing Birds
Mar 19, 14:18 The Time

Don’t bet against the high-flying lifestyle of rare bird and sports. A buyer has bid more than $1

Japanese Olympic Committee President Resigns Amid Vote-Buying Scandal Tied to 2020 Tokyo Games
Mar 19, 14:05 The Time

Tsunekazu Takeda maintained his innocence while announcing his resignation

Michael Cohen FBI raid documents released – live updates
Mar 19, 13:38 The Guardian

Partially redacted search warrants materials releasedTrump attacks Kellyanne Conway’s husband as ‘loser’ 1

Huge Floods Endanger Thousands in Mozambique After Cyclone
Mar 19, 13:11 The Time

Mozambique's Pungue and Buzi rivers have overflowed

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