Rudy Giuliani Clarifies Comments About Michael Cohen and the Trump Tower Moscow Project
Jan 22, 01:48 The Time

He walked back from comments about the President's talks with Michael Cohen

Islamic State Suicide Bomber Targets U.S., Kurdish Forces in Syria Attack
Jan 21, 22:09 The Time

Marking the second attack against U.S. troops in less than a week

Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris Says She Aims to Bring ‘Unity’
Jan 21, 21:54 The Time

“Some people would say that in a diverse country, you cannot achieve unity. I reject that notion,” Harris said.

Government Shutdown Continues as President Trump’s Compromise Attempt Doesn’t Budge Democrats
Jan 21, 20:32 The Time

Trump on Sunday branded House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a 'radical'

Israel Increasingly Goes Public With Airstrikes on Iranian Targets in Syria
Jan 21, 20:09 The Time

'Whoever tries to harm us, we will harm them,' Netanyahu said

Congo Postpones Presidential Inauguration in Wake of Election Controversy
Jan 21, 18:46 The Time

(KINSHASA, Congo) — Congo’s police dispersed a gathering Monday of supporters waiting to hear a speech by presidential runner-up Martin Fayulu, his spokeswoman said

Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Use Martin Luther King Jr. Day as Campaign Stage
Jan 21, 18:28 The Time

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., used the holiday to launch a presidential campaign

Brexit Boxes and Stockpiling Medicines, Britons Prepare for a No-Deal E.U. Exit
Jan 21, 17:52 The Time

Fears of food and medicine shortages are the top of some people’s concerns in the U.K

President Trump Visits Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial
Jan 21, 17:15 The Time

Trump told reporters it was a 'great day' and a 'beautiful day'

Venezuela Puts Down Mutiny With National Guard Unit
Jan 21, 16:33 The Time

Protesters chanted demands that President Nicolas Maduro leave power

British Prime Minister Theresa May Rejects Calls to Delay EU Departure
Jan 21, 16:26 The Time

The EU insists the withdrawal agreement can't be renegotiated

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Reacts to Aaron Sorkin’s Comments That Congress Members Need to Grow Up
Jan 21, 15:46 The Time

“They need to stop acting like young people, ok? It’s time to do that,” Sorkin said.

World Economy Is Expected to Slow in 2019 Amid Trade Tensions, the International Monetary Fund Warns
Jan 21, 14:53 The Time

The IMF cut its forecast for global growth this year to 3.5 percent

Little Breakthrough in Sight as Theresa May Set to Unveil Brexit’s ‘Plan B’
Jan 21, 14:20 The Time

British lawmakers are due to vote on May's 'Plan B' on Jan. 29

China Says the Doctor Behind the Gene-Edited Babies Acted Alone and Will Be Punished
Jan 21, 10:05 The Time

He Jiankui claimed the birth of twins whose genes had been edited last year

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