Climate Protesters Again March in London as Arrests Hit 710
Apr 20, 17:23 The Time

Climate change protests began earlier this week in the British capital

Florida Man Arrested for Threatening, Racist Phone Calls to Democrat Legislators
Apr 20, 17:04 The Time

John Kless allegedly appeared to refer to a video the President tweeted out last week

North Korea Criticizes National Security Advisor John Bolton on State Media
Apr 20, 14:07 The Time

Earlier this week, North Korea test-fired what it called a new type of "tactical guided weapon"

We watched Notre Dame burn. Can we recapture her spirit?
Apr 20, 14:00 The Guardian

Paris residents looked on in horror as their beloved ‘lady’ went up in flames

Northern Irish Police Arrest 2 Teenagers Over Killing of Journalist
Apr 20, 13:47 The Time

Lyra McKee, 29, a rising star of investigative journalism, was shot and killed

Paris Yellow Vest Protests Mix Anger With Notre Dame Mourning
Apr 20, 13:34 The Time

Authorities detained 126 people by early afternoon

The politics of Easter is powerful. Let's not forget it
Apr 20, 10:00 The Guardian

Jesus was considered an illegal by the ruling authorities of his day

If you're too nice to customers, will you drink excessively? Maybe | Gene Marks
Apr 20, 10:00 The Guardian

Workers in service industries who suppress negative ones tended to be heavier drinkers, a study found

Jarrell Miller apologises after reports of second failed drug test – video
Apr 20, 09:12 The Guardian

Jarrell Miller has apologised after reported drug test failures forced an upcoming fight with Anthony Joshua to be cancelled

The 14 current Republican senators who voted to impeach or convict Bill Clinton
Apr 20, 05:00 The Guardian

Mueller’s report essentially accuses Trump of witness tampering – one of the offences Republicans impeached Clinton on

The Mueller Probe Made Them Famous. They Plan to Keep Cashing In
Apr 19, 22:43 The Time

Over the course of Mueller's secretive two-year investigation, a mix of online sleuths, Twitter activists and former Trump aides have cashed in on America's obsession with the story.

5 Times the Mueller Report Showed Trump and His Associates Didn’t Tell the Truth
Apr 19, 22:01 The Time

From the Trump Tower meeting to James Comey's firing

What a Watergate Expert Thinks of the Mueller Report
Apr 19, 21:33 The Time

"I was just struck by how many echoes there were"

Turpin children read statements during sentencing of parents - video
Apr 19, 20:53 The Guardian

David and Louise Turpin were sentenced on Friday during an emotional hearing that saw some of the children speak publicly about the abuse for the first time

Don McGahn Emerged as a Key Player in the Mueller Report
Apr 19, 20:41 The Time

McGahn's decisions during the Mueller probe are just one reason why he is likely to be viewed in hindsight as one of the pivotal players of Trump's first term.

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