I’ve left my damaging childhood behind me, but why do I feel guilty? | Dear Mariella
Jan 13, 06:00 The Guardian

You must delve into your own past, Mariella Frostrup tells a social worker who has no contact with her own familyThe dilemma I’m 28 and was born and raised in a northern mining town

A letter to… my thoughtless mother
Jan 12, 06:45 The Guardian

‘To brag of starving yourself in front of my teenage daughters beggars belief’: the letter you always wanted to writeYour visit was going well

My husband gives me everything I want, but not everything I need
Jan 11, 12:00 The Guardian

He is a kind man, but I feel lonely in my own home. My grownup children won’t understand, they don’t see the other sideI have been married almost 26 years

The best corduroy pieces for all ages – in pictures
Jan 11, 07:00 The Guardian

Forget its geek reputation, because corduroy is a frontrunner for the season’s most versatile look

Pranee Laurillard’s recipe for prawn pad thai
Jan 10, 13:20 The Guardian

A perfect midweek one-pot dinner that is versatile and great for introducing Thai flavoursThis is a quick and easy recipe to follow and try at home. It’s perfect as a midweek one-pot wonder

Marie Kondo, you know what would spark joy? Buying less crap | Alexandra Spring
Jan 10, 01:14 The Guardian

Those glossy garbage bags filled with unwanted stuff don’t just vanish – they are filling up landfills and polluting our oceansThere’s always the garbage bag shot

All wrapped up: how men’s neckwear got emotional
Jan 09, 08:00 The Guardian

From neckties in bold colours to cosy, oversized blankets, winter is always scarf season

Constant cravings: is addiction on the rise?
Jan 09, 06:00 The Guardian

From sex to sugar to social media, people are in the grip of a wider range of compulsive behaviours

Is having five children really a middle-class status symbol?
Jan 08, 16:22 The Guardian

The birth of singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s fifth child has prompted media attention on a trend for larger families among famous parents

Fennel, radish and mint | Nigel Slater
Jan 08, 12:00 The Guardian

A refreshing winter salad to have as a side or use as a base for more substantial dishesA fresh, crunchy salad to complement, rather than replace, the rich, sweet food of the season

Life rafts and bin bags at Craig Green and A-Cold-Wall*
Jan 07, 15:40 The Guardian

Big statements and bold looks from the award-winning designers at London fashion week men’sA-Cold-Wall*, the label by 27-year-old designer Samuel Ross, has become one to watch

Thomasina Miers’ recipe for lancashire cheese and ham pies | The Simple Fix
Jan 07, 12:00 The Guardian

What could be more comforting than a pie? Especially one filled with silky-soft onions, creamy celeriac and succulent hamI always forget about pies

I’m a newly single mother and confused about my sexuality | Mariella Frostrup
Jan 06, 06:00 The Guardian

You and your ex’s roles as parents should be foremost in your mind, says Mariella Frostrup, not your sexualityThe dilemma I am 21 and I have a four-month-old son with my boyfriend of four years

Nissan Navara Off-roader AT32 Double Cab: ‘Properly uncompromising’ | Martin Love
Jan 06, 06:00 The Guardian

With its snorkel at the ready, the Nissan Navara AT32 is a bathing beautyNissan Navara Off-roader AT32 Double CabPrice £39,640Top speed 114mph0-62mph 10.8 secondsMPG 44

The best new scrunchies
Jan 05, 07:59 The Guardian

I’ve long since advocated the use of scrunchies to preserve volume without washing and blowdrying from scratchBrace yourselves, because I’m about to claim that you need a scrunchie

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