'It's changed how I see the world': readers' views on parenthood and being child-free
Nov 14, 12:53 The Guardian

To coincide with the Maybe Baby podcast, readers reveal why they chose to be parents – or notEvalina, 37: ‘Being a parent is the most intimately emotional relationship’ Continue reading...

Jumper semantics: the four best styles for winter 2018
Nov 14, 12:00 The Guardian

Classic or statement, short or big, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to keeping warm as the nights draw in. Here are our favourite looks of this seasonCome winter, a jumper’s stock is up

How the push-up bra fell flat: the rise of quiet cleavage
Nov 14, 11:00 The Guardian

Profits are plunging at Victoria’s Secret as a proudly bra-less look takes hold. The most fashionable boobs are now no longer in your faceVictoria’s Secret has a whole bunch of problems right now

The truth about time management: how I went from chaos to punctual calm in one week
Nov 14, 06:00 The Guardian

Productivity expert Julie Morgenstern was a ‘conquistador of chaos’ until parenthood forced her to get organised

Nigel Slater’s fennel with cream and pine kernels recipe
Nov 13, 12:00 The Guardian

Scrumptious creamy veg with a crunchy crustTrim 750g of fennel, then slice into pieces no thicker than a pencil. The thicker you slice them, the longer they will take to cook

Yes, yes, yes: why female pleasure must be at the heart of sex education
Nov 13, 11:00 The Guardian

Bring in compulsory sex education classes from the age of four – and end the idea that sex is only about power and pleasure for menI was given a shell-clasped plastic case in pearly pink

Vietnamese chicken lemongrass curry | Thomasina Miers
Nov 12, 12:37 The Guardian

Make a tub of this fragrant Vietnamese curry paste and whip it up again and again into a mouthwatering midweek dinnerThere is something therapeutic about making a quick curry paste at home

You thought fake news was bad? Deep fakes are where truth goes to die
Nov 12, 10:00 The Guardian

Technology can make it look as if anyone has said or done anything

Regime change: 10 steps to perfect skin … but you might need a chemistry degree
Nov 11, 10:00 The Guardian

The pursuit of a flawless complexion has gone far beyond cleanse, tone and moisturise

Safe gaming: 21 family-friendly apps for children
Nov 11, 06:00 The Guardian

The best fun and educational software that won’t bombard impressionable brains with aggressive adverts or adult content• Do your children’s apps give them the hard sell? Continue reading...

My partner will make a perfect wife – except she doesn’t want kids | Dear Mariella
Nov 11, 06:00 The Guardian

Why do you feel the need to rush into marriage when you’re not sure either, wonders Mariella FrostrupThe dilemma I’m 29 years old, child-free, and I’m about to propose to the love of my life

While waiting for a kiss, choose a good lippy
Nov 11, 06:00 The Guardian

Loneliness can be a cold feeling… cheer yourself up with something bold and brightThe other night I walked home in the wind and rain with a hot Chinese takeaway

A letter to… my transgender daughter
Nov 10, 06:45 The Guardian

‘Now I have to let you take your own path

How Uniqlo's HeatTech took over the world
Nov 09, 15:01 The Guardian

Uniqlo’s HeatTech underwear is 15 years old, and this week launches a new collaboration with Alexander Wang

How to wear: check | Jess Cartner-Morley
Nov 09, 13:00 The Guardian

A year after buying mine, I’m starting to get the hang of itChecks are very much in this season

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