Sound and vision: how gongs are bringing inner peace to city dwellers
Dec 08, 16:00 The Guardian

Harmonies in the boom of a gong are transporting busy brains into a meditative stateLeo Cosendai used to be an acutely anxious young man. “I couldn’t cope with taking the train,” he says

Hannah Weiland: ‘I like to do things slowly. It gives a home personality’
Dec 08, 15:00 The Guardian

The fashion designer’s mews home is a colourful blend of old favourites and new stylesIt’s a mist-wreathed December morning and Hannah Weiland is in her element

Bill Pullman: ‘In acting, you can order the world’
Dec 08, 14:00 The Guardian

The actor, 64, on fruit farming, playing American presidents twice and losing his sense of smellI was the sixth of seven children, so I think they lost track

Teenagers trade personal stories: 'It's great to find you are not alone'
Dec 08, 12:00 The Guardian

These students from Birmingham and Limerick have only just met

‘I stood there, mouth gaping, words stuck’: how a comedian cured her stammer
Dec 08, 11:00 The Guardian

As a small child I was a chatterbox – until a serious stammer kicked in. Could I get my voice back?My parents are having a dinner party

A letter to… my brother, a special man with special needs
Dec 08, 06:44 The Guardian

‘I try not to mourn the life you haven’t had

Don't waste roast vegetables - make this leftovers recipe | Tom Hunt
Dec 08, 06:00 The Guardian

Don’t chuck out those sprouts and potatoes. Turn them into a tasty vegetable frittataOver Christmas, our kitchens go into hyperdrive. Out come the oven mitts, turkey baster and probe

Micro-bags cash in on the cashless society
Dec 07, 20:28 The Guardian

Fashion is adapting to the swiping economy with wallets, purses and bags all shrinkingIt’s been called the cashless effect, the idea that we spend more when we can’t see what we’re spending

From Nigella to black tights: this week’s fashion trends
Dec 07, 12:00 The Guardian

What’s hot and what’s not in fashion this weekWashing-up gloves Nigella uses them to exfoliate. And you thought they were just for cleaning the loo. Continue reading...

My boyfriend feels inadequate in bed compared with my previous lovers
Dec 07, 12:00 The Guardian

We were best friends for three years before getting together and I told him about the men I was seeing

Experience: we fell in love without speaking
Dec 07, 10:00 The Guardian

We played music together for hours, creating new compositions without talkingI’ll never forget the first moment I saw Branko

Living coral: Pantone's 2019 colour of the year
Dec 06, 08:31 The Guardian

This muted terracotta is an oasis of calm. But what does such a solid shade say in these uncertain times?The colour of the year comes as a huge relief

'The idea was to change Pirelli': photographer Albert Watson's 2019 calendar
Dec 05, 18:12 The Guardian

The Italian tyre company has changed tack with ‘a tale of the aspirations of four women’. But is it relevant in a post-#MeToo era?It has been called the Sexpot Rut

The landlord wants us out of our busy community space. How can we get the council to protect us?
Dec 05, 15:45 The Guardian

In this series Poppy Noor discusses an issue concerning how we can build happy, well-run communities

The teddy bear coat: cuddly, cosy and big news for 2018
Dec 05, 08:00 The Guardian

The high street has adopted the furry coat this winter, but the roots of the plush, textured garment go back to the 1920sCoat inspiration can come in many forms

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