Goodbye ‘ugly’ shoes – hello comfy trainers for the hygge generation
Jan 16, 07:00 The Guardian

2018 was defined by bulbous, ironic, anti-beauty sneakers

Otter magic: Spell Songs cry out to save our vanishing countryside
Jan 16, 06:00 The Guardian

It has comforted the downtrodden, inspired Britain’s schoolchildren and even been sprayed as graffiti

This won’t hurt: the Syrian medics helped back to work by UK startups | Ammar Kalia
Jan 16, 06:00 The Guardian

All too often, Britain fails to use the valuable professional skills that refugees bring to the country

Sudoku 4,270 medium
Jan 16, 00:01 The Guardian

Click here to access the print version.Fill the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the numbers 1 to 9. Continue reading...

Cryptic crossword No 27,719
Jan 16, 00:00 The Guardian

Continue reading...

Quick crossword No 15,192
Jan 16, 00:00 The Guardian

Continue reading...

Does the age of consent push people to have sex too soon?
Jan 15, 18:12 The Guardian

Half of young women reported having a first sexual experience before they were ‘competent’

China Grows the First Seed on the Moon
Jan 15, 16:23 The Time

The moon is an inhospitable place. In the sunlight, temperatures hit highs of 260 degrees Fahrenheit, in the dark, it can reach a miserable minus 280. Radiation is high and water is scarce

Want to Live Longer? For Just 30 Minutes a Day, Do Anything Else But Sit
Jan 15, 16:14 The Time

"Exercise doesn't have to be done for hours at a time"

Wee demand action! What can we do about Britain’s public toilet shortage?
Jan 15, 16:13 The Guardian

The average council now has just 15 public toilets. And for women, those with young children and disabled people, this is a disasterI remember the first time I saw someone urinate in public

Milan men's fashion week: 10 key collections - in pictures
Jan 15, 15:25 The Guardian

Frankenstein’s monster at Prada, teddy bear coats at Ralph Lauren, a take-over of Milano Centrale train station… Here are the menswear show highlights for autumn/winter 2019 Continue reading...

Clare in the community: the luck of the Irish
Jan 15, 15:00 The Guardian

Megan toasts her Irish ancestry, as Brexit crunch time looms Continue reading...

I’m old, sedentary and slouch a lot – will standing up at my desk help me live longer?
Jan 15, 14:52 The Guardian

A new study says that standing more could hugely reduce your risk of death – but how easy is it if you work at a computer?Today, I’m standing up in the office

Carol Channing – a life in pictures
Jan 15, 14:48 The Guardian

She faced off against a gun-toting Clint Eastwood, charmed Broadway in Hello, Dolly! and performed with the Muppets

Swaddled by David Beckham in a £5,000 blanket – does this dog have the dream life?
Jan 15, 14:42 The Guardian

Meet Olive Beckham, the celebrity dog draped in Louis Vuitton, who might just be the luckiest pet aroundName: The £5,000 dog blanket.Age: A little over a year old. Continue reading...

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