Hired by James Bloodworth review – undercover in low-wage Britain
Feb 21, 09:59 The Guardian

An inquiry into the precarious employment conditions of the ‘new working class’One in 20 people in Britain lives on the minimum wage

Marni designer Francesco Risso on older models, being a nerd and wearing two pairs of trousers
Feb 21, 09:00 The Guardian

The eccentric young designer grew up on a boat and made his own clothes before taking over at fashion’s favourite arty brand

Pickled strawberries and leeks - perfect food for the stockpilers of Brexit Britain
Feb 21, 08:00 The Guardian

Food waste and import woes meet vinegary fetishism in one perfect sweet-sour crunchI’m pregnant, so naturally I’m eating a lot of pickled food. I wouldn’t call it a craving

A Tortoise Species That Was Feared Extinct Was Found in the Galapagos
Feb 21, 02:12 The Time

A Fernandina Giant Tortoise has not been seen in more than 110 years

Sudoku 4,301 hard
Feb 21, 00:01 The Guardian

Click here to access the print version.Fill the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the numbers 1 to 9. Continue reading...

Cryptic crossword No 27,750
Feb 21, 00:00 The Guardian

Continue reading...

Quick crossword No 15,223
Feb 21, 00:00 The Guardian

Continue reading...

London fashion week autumn/winter 2019: 12 key shows – in pictures
Feb 20, 18:40 The Guardian

This year saw a heady mix of ideas and creations from schedule regulars as well as up-and-coming starlets Continue reading...

How a Harry Potter Quiz Gave Back to Science
Feb 20, 18:03 The Time

Behind the scenes of a novel data journalism partnership

Letter: Julian Pratt and GP support
Feb 20, 17:24 The Guardian

Julian Pratt was an unusual doctor and an unusual person

Cos creative director Karin Gustafsson: 'There's nothing unique about taking inspiration from art'
Feb 20, 17:00 The Guardian

The Scandi brand has become a byword for a sophisticated, smart way of dressing

Is it Bad to Sleep with Wet Hair?
Feb 20, 17:00 The Time

Here's what fans of night showers need to know

Prince Charming review – enthralling, gloriously offbeat fantasy
Feb 20, 16:26 The Guardian

Little Angel theatre, LondonA stroppy puppet ruler and a swerving script keep the audience surprised in Jenny Worton’s audacious showPrince Charming is having an identity crisis

Virgin births: is there something fishy about Mary the stickleback’s little miracles?
Feb 20, 16:20 The Guardian

Researchers are perplexed why a fish in Scotland hadn’t laid eggs as normal but was instead found to be carrying 54 stickleback embryos

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