A Tortoise Species That Was Feared Extinct Was Found in the Galapagos
Feb 21, 02:12 The Time

A Fernandina Giant Tortoise has not been seen in more than 110 years

How a Harry Potter Quiz Gave Back to Science
Feb 20, 18:03 The Time

Behind the scenes of a novel data journalism partnership

Is it Bad to Sleep with Wet Hair?
Feb 20, 17:00 The Time

Here's what fans of night showers need to know

Are Raisins Healthy? Here’s What Experts Say
Feb 20, 15:00 The Time

Raisins are minimally processed, but they're also high in sugar

Using Young People’s Blood to Prevent Aging Has No Proven Clinical Benefits, FDA Warns
Feb 19, 21:43 The Time

The idea of infusing young blood to fight aging has attracted entrepreneurs

Kaiser Permanente’s New Medical School Will Be Free for Its First 5 Graduating Classes
Feb 19, 18:48 The Time

Kaiser joins other medical schools in offering free tuition to attract students

Health Officials Are Worried That ‘Zombie Deer Disease’ Could Someday Spread to Humans
Feb 19, 16:57 The Time

Its official name is chronic wasting disease

Tonight’s Super Snow Moon Will Be the Biggest Supermoon of 2019. Here’s How to Watch
Feb 17, 14:00 The Time

Good news for sky watchers and selenophiles, tonight’s full moon is set to be the biggest and brightest of the year, according to NASA

Trump Said China Doesn’t Have a Drug Problem. The Data Tells a Different Story
Feb 15, 21:38 The Time

President Donald Trump on Friday said that China does not have a drug problem, and suggested that the U.S

Yes, Vaccines Really Are Safe and Effective. Here’s Why
Feb 15, 20:26 The Time

Watch a TIME editor explain

‘Climate Change Is Forever.’ Thousands of British Schoolchildren Walk Out in Environmental Protest
Feb 15, 19:12 The Time

'Old people think we're ignorant, but look around. We're pretty clued in.'

A Fresco of Narcissus Has Been Discovered Among the Ruins of Pompeii
Feb 15, 07:13 The Time

The exquisite artwork was relatively well-preserved

Diet Sodas and Juices Are Linked to Higher Stroke Risk, Study Says
Feb 14, 19:27 The Time

The study takes a closer look at artificial sweeteners

This Type of Date Night Activity Could Make You Feel Closer to Your Partner
Feb 14, 19:24 The Time

It helps release the love hormone

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