EA’s Open World Star Wars Project “Orca” Cancelled for Smaller-Scale Game – Report
Jan 16, 09:37 Gamingbolt

This smaller-scale project is currently slated for late 2020.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Zombies Gauntlets Now Live on PS4
Jan 16, 08:40 Gamingbolt

Battle through 30 rounds of Zombies, each with their own modifiers, for different rewards.

Zelda 2 is great, and you should try it on the Switch
Jan 16, 08:00 Eurogamer

This week, Nintendo is adding Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link to Nintendo Switch Online's digital NES library. But maybe you do not want to try Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link

Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2019 has 3D-scanned character models, performance-based player AI
Jan 16, 07:21 Gematsu

The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu has new information on Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2019, the latest entry in Konami’s professional baseball game series

Far Cry New Dawn PC Requirements Revealed – Minimum, Recommended and 4K
Jan 16, 03:50 Gamingbolt

Find out whether your hardware is good enough to handle the post-apocalyptic shooter.

Famitsu Review Scores: Issue 1572
Jan 16, 03:04 Gematsu

This week’s Famitsu review scores are in

Ninja Box launches in 2019 in Japan, debut trailer
Jan 16, 02:14 Gematsu

Secret base-building RPG Ninja Box will launch for Switch in 2019 in Japan, Bandai Namco announced. Previously, the game’s release date was “to be announced

Jump Force’s New Trailer Shows Off The Game’s Pre-Order Bonuses
Jan 16, 01:05 Gamingbolt

Said pre-order bonuses include in-game costumes.

Jurassic World Evolution Sales Top 2 Million
Jan 16, 00:58 Gamingbolt

Life found a way to break out and be successful. Which is true in more ways than one if you think about it.

Star Wars Open World Game Canceled By EA – Report
Jan 16, 00:52 Gamingbolt

To quote Lando, this deal is getting worse all the time.

EA Vancouver’s Star Wars game cancelled
Jan 16, 00:50 Gematsu

Electronic Arts has cancelled its open-world Star Wars game, which was in development at EA Vancouver, according to a Kotaku report

Activision Investors Are Calling For Investigation Into Bungie Split
Jan 16, 00:40 Gamingbolt

Investors are concerned there may have been fraud involved in the proceedings.

Resident Evil 2’s Total Playtime Confirmed By Developers
Jan 16, 00:33 Gamingbolt

Thankfully, it sounds like the game won’t pad its length out with pointless content, and be exactly as long as it needs to be.

Wasteland 2 Gets New Switch Patch Resolving Crashes and Performance Issues
Jan 16, 00:26 Gamingbolt

This patch is perfect for Switch.

Ubisoft’s New Science Fiction IP Pioneer Has Been Cancelled
Jan 16, 00:17 Gamingbolt

Whatrever this game was, it’s now no more.

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