Sex and the City's Sarah Jessica Parker Teases Carrie Bradshaw Return
Jan 19, 18:57 TvGuide

Hold on to your Jimmy Choos, something amazing is in the works! Sarah Jessica Parker took to Instagram this weekend to tease the return of her beloved Sex and the City character, Carrie Bradshaw

Red in Prison Is the Blacklist Storyline We Didn't Know We Needed
Jan 19, 03:00 TvGuide

The sign of a good TV character is that the audience wants to see them in any new scenario or setting

The Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 Cast Reveals Their Biggest Live-Feed Fears
Jan 18, 23:51 TvGuide

Celebrities, they're just like us. That means they'll also start insane fights, have breakdowns and backstab each other when locked in the same house for weeks

Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Is Stronger and More Fun
Jan 18, 23:20 TvGuide

Star Trek: Discovery's inaugural season was faced with a seemingly impossible feat

Dynasties Is a Powerful and Necessary New Species of Nature Documentary
Jan 18, 22:55 TvGuide

When it comes to awe-inspiring nature documentaries offering intimate examinations of our planet and its many lifeforms, no one does it better than the BBC's Natural History Unit

The Passage Will Show How Project Noah Got Started in Episode 2
Jan 18, 21:18 TvGuide

The fast-paced series premiere of Fox's sci-fi drama The Passage showed us many things: the bite that turned Dr

Netflix Is Rebooting Unsolved Mysteries, the OG True Crime Show
Jan 18, 19:38 TvGuide

The mystery of whether or not there will be an Unsolved Mysteries reboot has been solved: Netflix is bringing back the cult classic investigation show. Deadline first reported the news

Supergirl Is About to Give Us Our First Look at Nia Nal as Dreamer
Jan 18, 18:30 TvGuide

It feels like we've been waiting forever to say this but..

Baywatch Is Coming to Amazon Prime to Heat Up Your Winter
Jan 18, 17:36 TvGuide

For the longest time, Baywatch -- the era-defining cheesy '90s sexy lifeguard action drama -- was one of the most historically popular shows unavailable to stream

The Week In Superlatives: Best Binge, Guiltiest Pleasure and Pettiest Company Drama
Jan 18, 15:06 TvGuide

Let's face it: There's a lot of TV to wade through right now, so it's easy to overlook or even forget everything that happened

The Best New Shows and Movies on Netflix This Week - Fyre, The Punisher
Jan 18, 14:52 TvGuide

Ready to watch something new on Netflix this weekend? Here is a list of all the best new shows and movies released on Netflix this week

Gotham: Bane's Coming, Y'all
Jan 18, 02:00 TvGuide

Jim (Ben McKenzie) can't catch a break in the final season of Gotham

Oliver and Felicity Will Star in a Documentary in Arrow's 150th Episode
Jan 18, 00:47 TvGuide

We've been hearing exciting things about Arrow's upcoming 150th episode, but now that we know exactly what's coming, we never expected anything quite this hilarious

Sabrina's Kiernan Shipka Will Star In a Netflix Holiday Rom-Com From John Green
Jan 17, 19:58 TvGuide

Looking for Alaska isn't the only John Green book getting the adaptation treatment at this time

How to Watch the Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Premiere Red Carpet
Jan 17, 19:56 TvGuide

Star Trek: Discovery is back!CBS All Access' glossy space drama returns for Season 2 on Thursday, Jan. 17 and to celebrate, the gang is throwing one huge party in New York City

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