SAG Awards Nominations 2019: Mrs. Maisel, Ozark Lead Surprising TV Nods
Dec 12, 15:55 TvGuide

Awards season is officially in full swing and nominations are now in for the 25th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

Tell Me a Story Sneak Peek: A Bloody Paul Wesley Returns to Haunt James Wolk
Dec 12, 14:00 TvGuide

Surprise! I bet you thought you'd seen the last of Paul Wesley on Tell Me a Story. But it turns out, you're dead wrong

Amy Poehler and Her 'Leslie Blazers' Are Ready for a Parks & Recreation Reunion
Dec 12, 00:51 TvGuide

Holy waffles, could a Parks and Recreation reunion be in our future? One of the vital players in such a dream is ready to go back to Pawnee, should the stars align for it to happen, of course

Sophia Bush Finally Explains Why She Left Chicago P.D.
Dec 11, 23:17 TvGuide

It's never fun hearing that one of your favorite shows has some nasty behind-the-scenes drama, but according to Sophia Bush, that's the unfortunate reality we have to face when it comes to Chicago P

Snowflakes Cause a Little Tension in Last Man Standing's Christmas Episode
Dec 11, 23:11 TvGuide

Last Man Standing's Christmas episode, airing Friday, Dec. 14, has some snowflakes causing some drama -- but not the kind that get under Mike Baxter's (Tim Allen) skin

The Innocent Man Is Netflix's Latest Reminder of Our Failed Justice System
Dec 11, 23:05 TvGuide

The Innocent Man, Netflix's latest true crime series and based on the only nonfiction book John Grisham ever wrote, has a halo of hopelessness than we're not used to seeing in most true crime docs

Criminal Minds Sneak Peek: This Week's Unsub Has a Big Connection to an Old Case
Dec 11, 22:28 TvGuide

Criminal Minds is doing another throwback in the last episode before the end of 2018

A Series Based on the Life of Selena Is Finally Coming to Netflix
Dec 11, 21:19 TvGuide

Netflix has given the green light to a scripted series about the life of iconic Tejano pop star Selena Quintanilla, according to The Hollywood Reporter

Dick Wolf Is One Step Closer to Bringing Back the Hip-Hop Classic New York Undercover
Dec 11, 20:08 TvGuide

New York Undercover, the 1990s procedural with a hip-hop edge, just got one one step closer to landing a revival. Deadline reports that ABC has made a commitment for a pilot to go into production

Exclusive Vikings Sneak Peek: Will Ivar Kill Hvitserk Next?
Dec 11, 20:00 TvGuide

The tensions in Kattegatt are boiling over in Wednesday's episode of Vikings

The First Umbrella Academy Trailer Teases a Stylish End to the World
Dec 09, 16:54 TvGuide

The first teaser trailer for Netflix's adaptation of Gerard Way's The Umbrella Academy series is here, and yes, it looks just as bonkers as its literary basis

Saturday Night Live Got Jason Momoa Back in Khal Drogo's Wig
Dec 09, 16:26 TvGuide

‚Äč This weekend, Aquaman star Jason Momoa hosted Saturday Night Live and proved he could still fit right into his skin suit as Khal Drogo thanks to all those workouts to become Arthur Curry

TV Guide's Arrowverse Crossover HQ: Elseworlds Broken Down
Dec 08, 01:00 TvGuide

Here at TV Guide, we're big Arrowverse fans, and just like you, we wait for the midseason crossover event with bated breath each year

Counterpart Season 2 Proves There's Lots More Dual-Universe Fun to Be Had
Dec 08, 00:12 TvGuide

In Season 1 of Counterpart, creator Justin Marks created one hell of a sandbox to play in

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